Small Is Big (Volume 2) – Book Review.

Paperback:   112 pages.

Genre :  Micro Tales

Publisher:  Notion Press; 1 edition (2018)

Language: English.

Blurb: After the success of Small is Big – Volume 1, Rafaa Dalvi is back with Small is Big – Volume 2, a potpourri of 100 more micro tales. There’s a story for everyone, including YOU!

If you’re a romantic at heart, this micro tale is for you- How frail are our hearts and bodies to be stirred up by one glass, one glance, one smile, one voice and one touch.

If you ever had a tough time fitting in, this micro tale is for you- I saw a girl reading a book titled “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” So I bought a telescope to find out which planet I was from.

And if you like thrillers, this micro tale is for you- She bid farewell to her sister and left the graveyard, holding the hand of her brother-in-law.

Identity theft was child’s play for twins.

In fact, there are 100 such small tales that will have a big impact on you.

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My Review:  

Small is big ~ volume 2 is a collection of 100 micro tales of varies genre which is arranged in alphabetical order basically.

Book consists of micro-tales on different topics such as love, hatred, memories, society, intimacy etc. Author has managed to portray each different theme in a very different anecdote in a highly remarkable way to the readers.

I loved the book because writing micro-tales are not a child’s play and you have to frolic with limited words and have to complete the tale in those very specific few lines.

The cover page of the book is catchy and justifies with the title. The language is simple and easy to understand. The best thing about the book is it can be finished in one sitting while you are traveling or just like on a lazy day when you are looking for some light read.

 I’d like to recommend this book to everyone who loves to read micro tales and tries to intensify their taste with a light read.

My very own favorite from the collection is:


The alcoholic woke up and saw a  tunnel.

Thinking he was dead already, he stepped in front of a train.

The alcoholic woke up and saw a tunnel.


My ratings:

Cover: 4/5

Title: 3/5

Language: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall rating: 3/5

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Thanks for reading.

~Mousumi Sheel

Table For One by Neha Bindal – Book Review.

Paperback:   171 pages.

Genre :  Drama.

Publisher:  HALF BAKED BEANS (20 Jul 2018)

Language: English.

Characters: Taara, Fred, Purvi, Ashwin.


Taara Maheshwari, a single woman in her thirties and a successful lawyer, is tough from outside but a die heart fan of romantic movies from inside.

She grew up seeking her “happily ever after’ but amid various heartbreaks and culture of modern age short term relationships,her believe in “true connections” got replaced by the comfort of being “emotionally disconnected.”

After she turned 31, her parents persuaded her into meeting a guy for marriage who sounded just perfect for her. Acting on impulse,she told her parents that she would meet him only if they let her go on a trip to Europe.

As Taara went on to explore the world, she experienced what actually happens when a single Indian girl travels to Europe all by herself. Is it only about dancing, singing or falling in love? What happens after you fall in love? Does love conquer all? Only her story would tell.

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My Review:  

Are you a wanderlust person or is even single? If your answer to any of these is Yasss, then get ready to start your astonishing journey with Taara full of fun,  a journey where you will be able to do those crazy stuff to which you always gave a second thought.

Yes, Table for One by author Neha Bindal is such a soothing story about a single girl in her 30’s who quit her corporate 9-5 job and decided to travel the world all by herself.

The story begins with the grounds behind her journey to parts of Europe and then how while traveling one by one to each of the places she started realizing how beautiful our life is. While passing the beautiful country-side and roads of Switzerland, Paris, and Rome only she realized no matter what we do or what we are, how broken we are from inside, we all have that incompleteness and the same can only be overcome by us when we will be happy and live our life to the fullest leaving behind all the past bad memories.

The book-cover is something I loved the most, it so colorful and mesmerizing and warm and the story will also give you mushy feeling in a sweet way as it keeps its pace.

The book includes few beautiful quotes by well-known authors before the start of a new journey and entire story has been narrated in such a realistic manner that you can’t resist yourself from imaging the beauty of Europe (Trust me on this).

“Table For One” is a book I would recommend to all who have not traveled in recent or maybe can’t travel much but have the longing for the same deep down.  The book will leave you with an awestruck feeling of an emotional trip and with lots of fun entwined with it.

My ratings:

Cover: 5/5

Title: 4.5/5

Language: 4.5/5

Writing and Presentation: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5

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Thanks for reading.

~Mousumi Sheel

Eclipsed Suns and Their Echoes by Deepali Sharma-Book Review.

Paperback:  92 pages.

Genre :  Fiction & Poetry.

Publisher:  HALF BAKED BEANS (16 June 2018)


Language: English.

Characters: Tani, Aji , Dadda, Da and Bhai.


From looking at a wound and wanting to dig deeper to dancing naked as a cheer to her still thumping heart, ‘Eclipsed Suns and their Echoes’, is a cluster of words trying to capture the voyage of a young girl’s torment, her numbness and her recovery.

With an urge to visit Motherland, a place created by her grandfather, she ends up coming face to face with it’s darkest realities. All alone in an unknown land and fighting to get back her once lost identity, she finds solace in poetry and art.

Will this uncertain road of recovery actually bring her back home or will she end up losing herself once again?


Eclipsed sun.jpg


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My Review:  

The book Eclipsed Sun And Their Echoes is a beautiful amalgamation of fiction story entwined with amazing poetry.

The story is about a girl- Tani who has an exhort to visit her homeland and how then her utmost wish becomes the curse in her life. She being the most pampered daughter for her Dadda visits her native land and then faces the intense reality of our society.

The book has been basically divided into small chapters and within each chapter, you will find few lines of poetry and caricatures making the plot more interesting and readers remained glued to it.

Oh, by the way, the best part of the book is the way Deepali Sharma has presented the story-line. I especially liked it because it is not a regular boring love story that I find writing every next author these days but is a plot which is a must read and to be honest has become very close to my heart.

Author has justified the title as she has narrated the story in an extremely appealing way so as to convey the image of Tani in front of our eyes and you will be able to relate to her in so many incidents we face in our surroundings daily. The story-line is so realistic yet fictitious that you would like to finish the entire book in a single go. The book cover is very charismatic and simple.

To find out what exactly happens when Tani visits her motherland, what exactly made her so-called dream to break in pieces go hurry up and read this amazing book. 😀


My ratings:

Cover: 4.5/5

Title: 3.5/5

Language: 4.5/5

Writing and Presentation: 5/5

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Amazon link : Purchase it from here.


Thanks for reading.

-Mousumi Sheel

Father’s Day!!

He was there, she was also there,

She wanted to sort, possibly he was not even aware!!

There was a lot she wanted to speak out,

But then her heart and mind were in extreme doubt.

It’s not that she never gave it a try,

Every time a new argument made her cry.

The entire day she holds herself strong,

Then by the evening, she realized again, where she belongs.

Was it her fault or the person was to be blamed?

There was an awkward silence between the two and destiny played its game

She was longing for the love, care and pamper,

Her eyes were tired of looking everywhere for the answer.

This year also nothing changed; except for the fact, they both remained mum,

Silence is not the answer may be… when there’s a lot going inside making her numb.

~by Mousumi Sheel.

A New Dawn by Kamini Kusum-Book Review.

Paperback:  128 pages.

Genre : Romance.

Publisher:  HALF BAKED BEANS (14 May 2018)


Language: English.


Shravan is a son of a rickshaw puller and Mugdha, daughter of a Railway officer. He has lived in penury while she has had all the material comforts. He dreams of being a soldier and serving the motherland while she lives in the world of colours. Childhood friendship converts into pure love ignoring the boundaries of a bungalow and its servant quarter.

However fate has some other plans and tears apart the two innocent souls, throwing Shravan into a life that has thorns all its way.

Will the two live their dreams? Will destiny bring them together again?

A novel that will make us believe that life is all about never giving up.

a new dawn

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My Review:  

The story is all about love, patience, the hardship of life -showing the bitter truth of our society and how after every dark night, a new dawn awaits for us.

Sharavan- son of a poor rickshaw puller is the protagonist and story revolve around him and her love for Mugdha depicting some serious concerns of our society especially the lower class and how he then with patience and hard-work overcomes all hurdles of his life. The story gives us a clear picture of how economically poor section of our society has to struggle each day to earn bread and butter – of course, because it’s always the “survival of fittest”

The story is short and sweet and is little predictable (as far as I found) though thanks to author Kamini that she made the narration really interesting and making the characters float in-front of eyes directly by bringing the right emotions at the right moment. I appreciate her writing style and the way she has presented the entire plot. Also the cover and title both very well justifies the story and language have been kept simple.

I would skip giving spoilers so as to ruin your fun of enjoying climax part but I am little sad with the end and found it bit dramatic as a Bollywood movie. As the story progress after few chapters, author Kamini has managed to make the readers glued to the book. The story will teach you all-in-all that we all have problems in life and our problem is not the biggest, there are people around who are suffering more than what we but its always important for us to keep working towards our goal and have patience.

What’s the use of punching someone when we can knock them out with our silence at the right time? The story motivated me in a great way and I would recommend you all to read the book to keep a positive attitude towards life.

My ratings:

Cover: 3.5/5

Title: 4/5

Language: 3/5

Writing and Presentation: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 3/5

Amazon link : Purchase it from here.


Thanks for reading.

-Mousumi Sheel



65 Colours Of Rainbow by Smit Kapila- Book Review.

Paperback: 144 pages.

Genre : Humour.

Publisher:  Srishti Publishers; First edition (10 January 2018)

ISBN-13: 978-9387022096

Language: English.

Blurb: There is a wonderful saying: “The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.”

In this highly competitive world, life of corporate work-force is full of all kinds of strain and stress. There is no way we can escape from our jobs and its work pressure, but we can certainly counter it by enriching the fun and laughter quotient at work.

65 Colours of Rainbow is a collection of sixty-five short stories and caricatures based on real life, work-related incidents. This pleasingly warm collection writes with terrifying compassion about the things that matter most.

The distinctive narrative caricatures demonstrate how extraordinary the ordinary can be!!

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My Review: 

“65 Colours Of Rainbow” yes you read it correct my friends is a book based on humor by Smit Kapila.

Talking about the book cover, it’s a complete colorful designed one, displaying raindrops and few umbrellas to signify and relate the title of the book.

The book consists of 65 short-stories; each of this will make you visualize the exact scenarios in front of your eyes and no matter what you won’t be able to resist your giggles. (at least that’s what happened to me :p) The language could have been little better but overall the presentation of every story is actually amazing. All in all the author has managed to depict the creative vibe.

The best thing about the book is it can be finished in one sitting while you are traveling or just like on a lazy Sunday when you are looking for some light read. Another interesting fact about this book is you will find special caricature designed just at the beginning of every story and these are actually personally sketched by the author only.(isn’t it so cool :D)

“65 Colours Of Rainbow” is a perfect mirror of how much stress an IT sector is and leads you the fun side of various incidents occurring over there on daily basis. Being an IT engineer I really enjoyed reading these short-funny-stories and I would recommend this book to all those who are either working already under lots of strain and peer-pressure or to students who are going to start their journey soon in any such field.

My ratings:

Cover: 5/5

Title: 5/5

Language: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

Amazon link : Purchase it from here.


Thanks for reading.

-Mousumi Sheel



An Undelivered Letter –

Hello from the other side,

Yes, you got me correct…I have already died!!

The Internet is full of articles about me and the incident,

but do you all really think it’s gonna make justice to what happened?

The ‘cute’ Candle March will get over soon,

because mind you, girls have to reach on-time to their room.

No matter if I am a daughter, wife or mother,

wearing a short skirt, burkha or salwar-suit, rather

the monsters find me just like a piece of flesh,

after the horrendous crime throws me to trash.

Do you have any idea of what I went through?

The monsters were all over me and I had no clue.

Stop dividing us for the sake of religion, cast, and culture,

Are these all we call humanity…I wonder?

Then what’s taking time to do justice and hang them?

Oh wait…is there anything still due to happen?

-by Mousumi Sheel